Pricing Policy Update December, 2022

We are please to inform you that From *21st December, 2022* onwards, We have changed our Pricing Policy,

(1) Shipping Charges

Shipping Charges will be based on Weight of the Total Items and delivery location only. Furthermore, Shipping rates will be reduced with Increase in Quantity, So that you will pay optimum charges for your order.
*For Example:* For Orders shipped from Ahmedabad to Delhi
If Shipment weight is 1 kg then Shipping Charges will be INR 105
If Shipment weight is 10 kg then Shipping Charges will be INR 336( 33.6 / kg)
In other words, you will be paying same shipping charges as your other offline B2B purchases, No more No less.

(2) Tax Including Prices

All the prices you see on our webstore are including Tax.
You can see HSN and Tax Rate in Item Description.
In order to avoid confusion about final price of the Items, We have made all the prices tax including.
Note: B2B Customers will get GST Compliant invoices and get GST ITC ( Input Tax Credits ) for the applicable Tax.

What happened Previously ? 

Previously, customers were complaining that why don't you show all included price upfront this is because at the time of checkout suddenly they see additional tax and shipping fees.

We have been receiving too many complaints therefore considering such requests we changed our pricing policy and made prices all inclusive. We had done that as a part of resolution to thousands of complaints for similar reason.
Clearly that policy was not good fit especially for Business Customers like you who orders relatively large quantity.

Therefore we have updated policy again to serve our customers better, from 21st December, 2022 onwards,
(1) Prices are including Tax, and
(2) Shipping Charges will be based on Weight of the Total Items and delivery location only.

Please be assured that we have customers' interest at our heart and Will keep improving our services as required time to time, please feel free to send us your feedback, We would be thankful to you.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused (if any) during recent transition period,

Thanking you !
Team Bizpressions

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