Colorless Henna Leaves Powder

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Product Name: Colorless Henna Leaves Powder / Neutral Henna
Shelf Life: 2 Years
Country of Origin : India

Safety Information: FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. DO NOT EAT/TAKE INTERNALLY IN ANY FORM. Keep out of reach of the Children.

Other Name: Cassia Auriculata: also known as Cassia, Matura tea tree, Ranawara, Avaram Senna

Our Colorless Henna Leaves Powder offers a unique and natural alternative to traditional henna. Derived from the leaves of the Lawsonia Inermis plant, this powder provides the nourishing benefits of henna without imparting any color to the hair. It is an excellent choice for those seeking the conditioning properties of henna without the color effects.

Key Features:

  1. Natural Hair Conditioning: Colorless Henna Leaves Powder is rich in natural compounds that condition and strengthen the hair. It helps improve the overall health and appearance of the hair, leaving it soft, smooth, and manageable.

  2. No Color Deposit: Unlike traditional henna powders, our Colorless Henna Leaves Powder does not deposit any color on the hair. It is an ideal choice for individuals who desire the benefits of henna without altering their hair color.

  3. Adds Volume and Shine: Regular use of Colorless Henna Leaves Powder can add volume and bounce to the hair. It helps create a fuller and thicker appearance, while also enhancing the natural shine and luster of the hair.

  4. Scalp Nourishment: The natural properties of Colorless Henna Leaves Powder provide nourishment to the scalp, helping to maintain a healthy scalp environment. It can help soothe dryness, itchiness, and flakiness, promoting a balanced and comfortable scalp.

  5. Natural Hair Strengthening: Colorless Henna Leaves Powder contains beneficial compounds that help strengthen the hair strands from root to tip. It can reduce breakage, split ends, and hair damage, resulting in healthier and more resilient hair.

  6. Suitable for All Hair Types: Our Colorless Henna Leaves Powder is suitable for all hair types, including dry, damaged, and chemically treated hair. It can be used as a standalone treatment or combined with other hair care ingredients for a customized hair care regimen.

  7. Easy Application: The powder form of Colorless Henna Leaves allows for easy application. Simply mix it with water or other liquid of choice to create a smooth paste, then apply it to the hair and scalp. Leave it on for the recommended duration and rinse thoroughly.

  8. Natural and Chemical-Free: Our Colorless Henna Leaves Powder is free from artificial colors, synthetic additives, and harsh chemicals. It is a natural and safe option for those seeking gentle hair care solutions.

Note: Colorless Henna Leaves Powder does not provide the color-changing properties associated with traditional henna. If you are looking for a color-enhancing effect, please consider our range of traditional henna powders.

Experience the nourishing benefits of henna without the color effects with our Colorless Henna Leaves Powder. Treat your hair to a natural conditioning experience that promotes strength, volume, and shine. Embrace the beauty of healthy hair without compromising your desired hair color.

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