Plastic Bag Clip Sealer

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Have you ever been troubled with unfinished food and worried them become stale or be wasted? Do not worry, these seal clips are good helpers for you. They can keep your food fresh for longer. This sealing clip is great for keeping Food leftovers completely sealed and keeps food fresh. For sealing Bread Packets, food packs, Papad Packets. Masala Packets, Chips, Namkin, cereal pack, etc.

To use, simply twist the bag and clip a bag clip around the plastic or paper.
Easy to use & reusable. Multipurpose Product, Useful for Air-tight sealing and Storage of variety of bags like snacks, milk & juices, cereals, Tea, Coffee, frozen foods, fresh vegetables, and Fruit bags, etc.


  • Can be used to seal all types of food bags and storage, such as potato chips, snack bags, bread, coffee bags, and frozen food bags.
  • The barrette-style design makes them safely closed, keeping foods airtight and watertight from being stale.
  • Made of good quality plastic material, convenient, durable, and reusable. Keep your food fresh for a long time and keep a healthier lifestyle.
  • The bag is not easy to lose after being clamped by this clip. Bag clips are easy to open and close can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • Could be used as a surprise or souvenir of the trade fairs, exhibitions, and campus activities, and more.
  • Keeps Food Fresh Longer The sealing clips are great for keeping leftovers completely sealed, or for sealing food packs, cereal packs.

Material: Food Grade Plastic
Colour: Black

Other Names: Bag Sealer Clip, Seal Clip, Airtight Seal Clip, Clip Sealer, Bag Zipper, Food Pouch Clip

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Ravi Kumar

Plastic Bag Clip Sealer

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